Belated Review 1: The Walking Dead season 1

I thought I’d start with this show first, as in my country of the United Kingdom, Fox has just began to broadcast season 6 (clap, clap, clap!).

Going back to season one brings a smile to my face. A huge, terrifyingly-grimesBritish smile. ‘Twas the season that began what has become a staple in my life, and I am unashamed to say that the moment the first episode ended, I bear-hugged my TV like I would Officer Friendly should I ever have the chance. Watch out Rick Grimes. You nabbed yourself a crazy Brit on that day back in 2010.

Now, do I care it started as a bit of a cliché of a guy waking up from a coma to find that he still had all limbs intact un-muched, AND the world had pretty much ended by zombie infestation? No, no I do not. Why? Because it’s Rick Grimes. Why because its Rick Grimes? Because having read the comics beforehand, no one human unless hilariously unfortunate takes as much crap as that man!

He gets shot – he survives. He gets hit by a shovel – miraculously waking up once more without the growth of a rhino horn for that smash to the forehead. His best friend is sleeping with his wife – which sucks for him obviously. His new-found horse gets eaten alive, he gets trapped in an army tank, becomes temporarily deaf in an army tank, contemplates suicide in said army tank, nearly gets eaten himself escaping aforementioned army tank, gets held at gunpoint with actual living human beings, and wears the guts of previously living humanoids to get to a darn van to get away from zombies.

This is all in episodes one and two. The man practically bitch-slaps the faces of people like me, who upon waking to such a world, would more than likely have not taken to such a world so easily and proceeded to get chomped on as I ran around with flailing arms.

The first season introduces a character so interesting and oddly zombie-world-adapting that I, personally, cannot stop watching what he does next. After he and his new little gang escape Atlanta, Georgia, and regroup with their ‘people’, thereon begins the ‘Ricktatorship’ – which some may argue doesn’t happen in the first season. They’re wrong! The moment The Grimes opened his darn eyes to the zombie world, he was in full blown whip-ass mode.

The season progresses as the group get to know each other, share stories, etc. You see more of the dynamic between Rick and his best friend Shane, Shane and Ricks wife Lori (who mighty God of Thunder, is so well written to be disliked I nearly ate my hand at one point). You become attached to characters like Glenn and Dale, Andrea and Carol who share more screen time, and then BAM! Like potatoes thrown at your head, you get hit with almighty bang of crap that is just no good for healthy hearts. Or heads.

So after a few personal and sad deaths, the group travel onto the CDC in Georgia hoping to hear that there is a cure for the limbless, bloodied, cannibals that are now branded ‘Walkers’. Which is probably the thing that makes least sense in my crazy mind. Those zombies…there ain’t a cure for that head dangling off!

Anyway, you meet a guy called Edwin Jenner (bells ringing anyone?) who seems like a lovely fellow, all wine-giving and food-sharing. Until you find out he is planning on suicide as there is no hope for humanity. He goes off on an almighty rant about how hopeless it all it, and that their deaths will be painless and it is inevitable, and that they’re all infected (which he only tells Rick)…

That isn’t good enough for the Grimes! He gets his gang out of the CDC before the explosion happens (minus one), and then, THEN all hope seems lost. They drive away…the screen fades out…and then we’re left thinking ‘DAMMMMN!’.

Season one is awesome. It is all about the characters, their interactions, emotions and actions. It makes sense. I can safely guarantee that their going crazy at certain points would be nothing compared to the bat-crap crazy I would be in such a world, and that is why it is so awesome. They can be crazy.

To anyone who loves shows about character development, zombies, horror and emotional breakdowns, love, goriness and so on (good-looking officers…anyone?) – this show is for you.

Bicycle Girl


  • Bicycle Girl zombie – the two scenes she appears in…bloody hell. Onslaught on emotions.
  • Morgan Jones – Applause for the man who saved this New World’s Rick Grimes, and bought humanity in bucket-loads.
  • The Dixon Brothers – One is crazy, the other is a arrow-shooting biker. They’re both genius characters.
  • Amy’s Resurrection – Yep. This scene was stunning. Totally would have been eaten if I were Andrea in that moment.
  • CDC – The whole thing